Feel young and fit with Nutrisystem!

Hey there! I’m Patricia. I’m 52 years old, and I’m an astrophysicist, currently working at the NASA observatory in Hawaii. I used to be in great shape during college and sometime after. But, after I started working in the observatory during nights, I couldn’t cook my own meals, and my regular cycle was broken. Eating fast food at irregular times took its toll on my body. I started getting plumper and plumper, and it was enough to make me very self conscious. Then I came across Nutrisystem. I was spilling my woes to a close friend and confidant, and she informed me about Nutrisystem, the weight loss strategy she was trying. She told me what it was and what it employed.

However, I was skeptical and unwilling to trust any program without doing my own research first. So I went online and started reading up reviews from people that had tried it out. Imagine my surprise and delight when I realized that it worked! And apparently, it worked well. They had a well thought out system, with experts and nutritionists striving to maintain it.

However, I was also reluctant to sign up because I slept days and worked nights, so maybe it wouldn’t work for me. But after getting reassurance from their experts that they would make a special plan for me, I signed up, and haven’t looked back since. The results were instantaneous. Once I kept off the fast food and started eating only what Nutrisystem said I should, I could feel my body responding. I no longer felt full and bloated after meals, and in the first week of the program, I lost akin to 6 lbs. That certainly validated their “Lose 5 lbs + 1 inch off your waist in the first week or your money back” guarantee.

I also heard about Nutrisystem coupons from a friend of mine who has been trying to lose weight. Apparently, these generous giveaways are very easy to come across, and they, make an already affordable program much cheaper. It is very cost friendly, so don’t worry if you don’t have a fortune to spend on meals. I don’t think it’d be a problem spending $10 per day for six meals ($8 with the right discount code).

Nutrisystem Picture

Please your tastebuds with Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem does not compromise on taste either. While it may not be as good as a home cooked meal by mom or grandma, but it has oodles of flavor and the portions are also just enough. Nutrisystem believes in moderation; it provides the body with just the right amount of nutrients it needs. It’s got a very well thought out and scientifically accurate system, that is easy to learn, but somewhat hard to implement.

Nutrisystem requires a lot of self-control and discipline. It wasn’t hard for me, I’m not fussy about food and was only eating fast food because of necessity. But I know people who love food, and it will be hard for them to follow it. Although Nutrisystem has an extensive menu that ranges from Fudge bars to Beef stew, the portions are just enough (or you could say small), and this system only works if you eat only healthy besides Nutrisystem prescribed food (Healthy is synonymous for rabbit food).

Why Nutrisystem’s convenience is one of its best aspects

The day’s meals (or night’s, in my case) is delivered to your doorstep daily. They are microwave ready, and are packed for convenience too. I microwave my breakfast at home and eat it. Then I bag my night’s lunch, snacks and dinner and am off to work. I also have a few delicious Nutrisystem lunch bars handy at all times, in case I feel the urge for a quick snack. The lunch bars are healthy and a viable option for snacking. The best part is their deals are applicable to all their meals.

I’ve never once had a food spill in my bag. Their packaging is up to the standard too. Also, they update themselves according to their client’s needs. Once I started losing weight substantially, I informed them and they made me a new plan, complete with new meal timings and portion sizes that would help me maintain the figure that Nutrisystem helped me achieve.

How Nutrisystem makes me feel younger

People do not believe I’m over 50, solely due to the diet that Nutrisystem provided; I could get a body that was much, much younger than my age. Also, Nutrisystem has made me realize that one must eat in moderation, but the body MUST get all the nutrients it needs to function. This ensures that while no weight is gained, the body is not malnourished either.

It’s been a few years since I’ve started Nutrisystem. I recommend it for anyone who does not want to do physical exertion to lose weight. It is truly a miraculous program, and although it might test your resolve at times, if you manage to stick to it, results will surely show. I do not follow Nutrisystem as strictly as I did initially, but that’s ok, because I have an understanding now of what my body needs, and I can maintain it with ease. I’ve also managed to be economical in my food budget.

In my journey with Nutrisystem till now, here are the main pros and cons of the meal plan that I’ve come across:


  • Saves you your meal-prep time
  • Standard packaging
  • Great customer service


  • Coupon-collecting might be a bit time-consuming
  • Difficult to discipline yourself to the meal plan at first
  • Results won’t be definite unless you have all 6 meals every single day

Nutrisystem has truly been a god sent plan for me. With my job at odd hours and my lack of time to pursue anything else, Nutrisystem provided me a platform to achieve the weight loss that I desired. I have never been particular about food, I’ve always treated it as a necessity rather than something to enjoy or revere, but I can tell all the foodies reading this with full confidence that the taste is scrumptious. Nutrisystem is a very well thought out program, and if you’re looking for an easy way to lose weight, give it a try!